Locomobile Overtype Engine

- Polished brass boiler, diameter 50mm, length 135mm, spring-loaded safety valve
- Boiler with watergauge
- Oscillating brass cylinder, milled out of one piece
- Steel flywheel with pulley groove, diameter 53mm, finely turned and milled, burnishes
- Fine coined/pressed boiler house, heatproof paint
- Exhaust through chimney
- Finely painted metal base plate, made of strong steel sheet
- Burner tray coined/pressed for dry spirit tablets (Esbit)
- Very compact building method

Base: 175mm x 115mm
Height: 180mm
Boiler contents: 180ml
Weight: 740g

Accessories: Funnel, dry spirit tablets, oil, spare gaskets, instructions

Price : Locomobile 125,- €
Boxed with Accessiories